Sohl.com has been online since 1993 – Inspired by a comment in the first issue of Wired magizine, we purchased the domain for our surname and set up this site.  That was a while ago, which means that among other things, it was getting a little long in the tooth.  Hand coding web sites might have been interesting back Paint on the house! 006then, but times have changed.  Who  even remembers the Mosaic browser?

The site was created as a way for family members to share and publish news and articles with other friends and family, but there is much less need for that today, with Facebook and other services more useful than this site ever was.

So the site evolves – it is still a place to publish articles, photos and thoughts, however it also serves as an index to our larger presence on the public web.  Check out the posts and pages listed in the sidebars, and be sure to follow the links to the blogs of some of our family members.  Interesting stuff!

Hope you enjoy your visit, and if you ever want to get in touch, you can mail us at sohl-at-sohl-dot-com.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I’m Juantxo Vega, a txistu player from San Sebastian (Basque Country). I want to thank Norm Sohl for his article on the three-hole pipes in the Renaissance. After reading, I contacted a friend of mine who is a txistu maker, and asked him to design a txistu of the same size as described by Praetorius. It is a txistu with the fundamental in D at A = 466. I recorded an old Basque dance with him on YouTube, this is the link:

    The sounding length of this txistu is 530 mm and the diameter of the bore is 15 mm.
    I also wrote an article about it, which will be published in a local magazine called Txistulari. You can read it in this link:
    Thanks again to Norm Sohl for his article.
    Best regards

    Juantxo Vega


  2. Judy — Greetings from Blacksburg, VA. Like you Lyn and I were PCVs in Liberia–1972-1976 in Sanniquellie. I am looking to contact Rob French. Do you have any idea where I can reach him? Any hints will be appreciated. Jim Gray 540-850-5434


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