Sohl Family History and Genealogy

There’s not a lot of action on these links these days, but the links are kept here for reference.  And who knows, things might change.

Sohl family mail list

Join the Sohl family mail list.  This mail list is intended to let any and all branches of the far-flung Sohl family communicate and work together to discover our family history.  It is a free list, open to anyone interested in the history of the Sohl family. Use this link to request to join.

I don’t really know much about my direct line, but here is what I do know.

Norm Frederick Sohl Jr. (b. 1954)–Norman Frederick Sohl (b. 1924)–Frederick John Sohl Jr. (b. 1893?)–Frederick John Sohl(b. 1860)

I know that Frederick John Sohl Sr. Married Marta Schroeder Sohl (1869) from Hannover, Germany.   They were married in Quincy, IL. I have some more information from the Schroeder side of the family.

If you can add to the story, please drop me a line in the comments to this page, or mail me at norm-at-sohl-dot-com.

I’ve been digging deep into genetic genealogy, but the results are expensive and fairly generic so far.  I wish you better luck!